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For Healthcare Professionals

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Benefits for Professionals

  • Free for Healthcare Employees
  • Allow Healthcare Providers to Recruit You While Your Identity is Protected
  • Opportunities on Our Job Board are Exclusive to the Healthcare Industry
  • Expedite Your Job Search by Receiving Job Alerts that Meet Your Criteria
  • Free Continuing Education Courses

It's completely free to search job postings at There's no catch... just take a few minutes to complete a profile and then you can search and apply to all of the jobs on our job board.

Close gives healthcare providers the ability to find healthcare professionals that meet there search requirements. So instead of emailing or faxing numerous resumes to ads you find in the paper or online, you just need to complete 1 profile and let the healthcare providers contact you. Also, protects your identity by letting you see who is reaching out to you before they know who you are.

Close is specific to the healthcare industry so you won't have to weed through a bunch of jobs to find jobs that pertain to you on our job board. Also, you will have an opportunity with most job postings to quickly and easily send your profile to the healthcare provider that has placed the job posting. And, quickly getting your information into the right person's hands can make a big difference in the hiring process.

Close gives you the option of receiving email alerts for jobs that are posted on our job board that meet your search criteria. Job alerts can give you a leg up on your competition by helping you respond to new jobs before your competitors have an opportunity to do so.


All of our continuing education courses are FREE and have been approved for all RNs and LPNs by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). We have several courses available and we will continue to offer more courses as long as healthcare professionals continue to create profiles so please tell as many people as possible about our website.

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For Healthcare Providers

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Benefits for Providers

  • Free for Healthcare Employers
  • Find Qualified Prospects Without Leaving Your Desk
  • Use our Advanced Search Options to Find Qualified Professionals
  • Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars to Advertise Job Postings
  • Save Time and Improve Workflow lets you post jobs for free on our job board. We also let you search and send messages to healthcare employees who have completed profiles on our website for free. There's no catch... our website is free and is simply a great resource to help you with your staffing needs.

Close lets you search through a lot of qualified candidates quickly and easily from your computer. You just need to input the criteria that you are seeking and then contact the healthcare professionals who best meet your criteria.


One of the best aspects about is our extensive search options. You can search by license/discipline, location, experience, job interests, desired pay, availability, smoking status, primary language and there are several other search options too. These search options can also save you time from having to look through hundreds of resumes, which other employment sites want you to do.


Placing an ad in the newspaper or with an internet based company typically costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. At you won't have any expenses because our site is completely free.

Close allows employers the ability to find qualified healthcare professionals quickly and easily, which can help lower costs that you might ordinarily have to pay to a staffing agency or to recruiters. Also, finding someone quickly can improve systems or alleviate stress within your company that might stem from being short-staffed or over-worked. Either way you look at it, using makes a lot of sense.

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Simply put, our profile based employment website is better than any resume-based site. Employees benefit because we give them the ability to protect their identity while still allowing prospective employers the ability to view their qualifications. This means healthcare professionals can create profiles and search for other opportunities or part-time jobs without the risk of their current employer finding out. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes and once completed, your profile will provide valuable information for employers to see that’s often not found in a resume.

Employers benefit because they gain access to candidates for free and because they can easily find qualified candidates with our advanced search options, which saves time from not having to read through hundreds of resumes. Also, by allowing employees the opportunity to protect their identity, is able to attract high quality and productive individuals that might not be found at your traditional resume-based sites.

These are just a few of the reasons we believe that both healthcare professionals and healthcare providers will find our website valuable and beneficial.

What are people saying about

It only took me a few minutes to complete my profile and I was contacted about some work within a week. I also get email updates when new jobs in my area are posted to the website. is great... it's like having my own personal recruiter.

M. Bair

Placing classified ads in the newspaper is frustrating because it's mostly ineffective and also very expensive. When I used, I found it to be extremely effective and their search tools allow me to find candidates that meet our needs quickly.

J. Huxley